The 7 Attractiveness Boosters


This is a short Introduction into the 7 Attractiveness Boosters so that you are well prepared for them and not overwhelmed right away.


The Basics

Before we can start with any Boosters, you have to get some basics right. In this lecture you’ll learn that Hygiene, Nice cloths and a Fit Body build up our launch pad for our journey into the stratosphere of attractiveness.



Authenticity is the key to Attractiveness. Without authenticity all efforts with women are worthless. After this lecture you will know about the importance of Authenticity and you can work on becoming more authentic with a simple little exercise.


The Right Attitude

Many Men get it wrong with women from the moment they start thinking. After this lecture, you won’t belong to these men ever again. Your thinking will be more positive and successful so you will get it right with women right from the start.


Eye Contact

After this lecture, you will be able to use one of the most effective and efficient tools to radiate attractiveness: Your Eyes


Strong Body Language

In this lecture, you will learn how important a strong body language is and how it can make you naturally more attractive.



In this lecture, You’ll learn that smiling makes you more attractive. You’ll also learn to distinguish between a true (and attractive!) and a false smile.



In this lecture, you’ll learn that being needy is one of the biggest killers in the attraction game. Thus, You’ll also get an alternative to being needy.


Outcome Independence

After this lecture, you’ll know the way into total freedom: You’ll learn how to break the vicious cycle of being rejected by girls and how to instead live more present and succeed with the opposite sex.


Wrap Up Attractiveness Boosters


What’s Next?

You have studied the 7 attractiveness boosters and implemented them into your life. Now what?

Can that be it? Can these boosters alone bring you a happy love life?

First of all, these boosters are nothing but a nice time-waster if you just watch them here on video. You rather have to go out and implement what You’ve learnt. I have given You everything I could to help you kick-start Your effect on women. But I can’t do the work for you. The rest is up to You!

And second, there is much more to these boosters than You currently know. I will show You more in my next email.

Watch out for an email tomorrow at 8 am EST again where You will discover the rest of the journey. You’re allowed to be excited…

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