1.) Introduction

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One last Word of Caution


In this lecture, you’ll learn that every woman is different and that the advice in this course can only be a generalization. You will know afterwards, that only watching the videos will bring you nowhere. You rather have to implement what you learned!


1.) Understanding Women



A quick Intro into Understanding Women so that you are better prepared for what’s to come.


Male vs Female Brain


In this lecture, you will learn the origins of attractiveness. You’ll get insights on how the female brain works and what women are attracted to. Hint: It’s different from what men are generally attracted to…


What Women Want


After this lecture, you finally know what you have to focus on to improve your effect on women.

In the past, the movie industry and a rather female-oriented society has given you a blurry and oftentimes wrong image of what women want. Now you can let go of that wrong image and get clarity.


Mistakes Most Men Make


By now, you might have already detected some mistakes you’ve done in the past that have harmed your attractiveness on women. After this lecture, you will know what the most common mistakes are so that you can avoid them!


Wrap Up: Understanding Women


Just a quick recap of what we have learnt about Women and What is Attractive to them.



The 7 Attractiveness Boosters

These were enough lessons for today. So let it sink in. Great job.

The 7 Attractiveness Boosters will follow tomorrow at 8 am EST. Be prepared because the coming tips are proven to make a difference in a man’s life.

*to be continued*